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#ifndef IMAGE_H
#define IMAGE_H
#include "fconfig.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"

  typedef unsigned char pixel_t;
  typedef unsigned char rgb_t[4];   /*4 is better than 3 - makes multiplying easier */
  struct truec
    int rshift, gshift, bshift;     /*the shift ammounts */
    int rprec, gprec, bprec;  /*precisity - 0=8bit, 1=7bit, -1=9bit etc... */
    unsigned int rmask, gmask, bmask;     /*masks */
    unsigned int mask1, mask2, allmask;   /*Mask1 and mask2 are distinc color masks
                                 allmask are mask for all colors */
    int byteexact;            /*When every colors is at one byte */
    int missingbyte;          /*for 32bit truecolor and exact byte places one byte is
                           unused... */
  union paletteinfo
    struct truec truec;
  struct palette
    int start;
    int end;
    int maxentries;
    int version;
    int type;
    unsigned int *pixels;
    int npreallocated;
    rgb_t *rgb;
    int flags;
    int (*alloccolor) (struct palette * pal, int init, int r, int g, int b);
    void (*setpalette) (struct palette * pal, int start, int end,
                  rgb_t * rgb);
    void (*allocfinished) (struct palette * pal);
    void (*cyclecolors) (struct palette * pal, int direction);
    int size;                 /*number of allocated color entries */
    void *data;               /*userdata */
    /*Preallocated palette cells */
    int ncells;
    unsigned int *index;
    CONST rgb_t *prergb;
    union paletteinfo info;
  struct image
    float pixelwidth, pixelheight;
    pixel_t **oldlines;
    pixel_t **currlines;
    void (*flip) (struct image * img);
    int width, height, nimages;
    int bytesperpixel;
    int currimage;
    int flags;
    int scanline;
    int version;
    struct palette *palette;
    void *data;               /*userdata */
#define interpol1(i1,i2,n,mask) ((((i1)&(mask))*(n)+((i2)&(mask))*(256-(n)))&((mask)<<8))
#define interpol(i1,i2,n,mr,mg,mb) ((interpol1(i1,i2,n,mr)+interpol1(i1,i2,n,mg)+interpol1(i1,i2,n,mb))>>8)
#define intergray(i1,i2,n) (((i1)*n+(i2)*(256-(n)))>>8)
#define interpoltype(palette,i1,i2,n) ((palette).type==GRAYSCALE || (palette).type == LARGEITER?intergray(i1,i2,n):interpol(i1,i2,n,(palette).info.truec.rmask,(palette).info.truec.gmask,(palette).info.truec.bmask))
/*palette flags */
#define UNFINISHED 8
/*image flags */
#define FREELINES 1
#define FREEDATA 2
#define AAIMAGE 4
/*palette types supported by most of engine*/
#define C256 1
#define GRAYSCALE 2
#define TRUECOLOR16 4
#define TRUECOLOR24 8
#define TRUECOLOR 16
/*special mage types used internaly by XaoS */
#define LARGEITER 32
#define SMALLITER 64

/*palette types handled by the dithering filter*/
#define LBITMAP 256
#define MBITMAP 512
#define LIBITMAP 1024
#define MIBITMAP 2048
#define FIXEDCOLOR 4096


/*flags for requirements */
#define IMAGEDATA 1
#define TOUCHIMAGE 2
#define NEWIMAGE 4
/*flags for initdata */
#define DATALOST 1
/*flags for doit */
/*return flags */
#define INEXACT 1
#define CHANGED 2
#define ANIMATION 4
#define UNCOMPLETTE (1<<29)
/*flags for filters */
#define ALLOCEDIMAGE 1        /*used by inherimage mechanizm */
#define SHAREDDATA 2

#ifdef _plan9_
#undef pixel32_t
#undef pixel8_t
#undef pixel16_t
#define pixel32_t unsigned int
#define pixel16_t unsigned short
#define pixel8_t unsigned char
#undef ppixel8_t
#undef ppixel16_t
#undef ppixel24_t
#undef ppixel32_t
#define ppixel8_t pixel8_t *
#define ppixel16_t pixel16_t *
#define ppixel24_t unsigned char *
#define ppixel32_t pixel32_t *
#include <pixel_t.h>          /*avoid problems with plan9-it ignores #if
                           So code must be separated into another file */
#define imgetpixel(image,x,y) ((image)->bytesperpixel==1?(image)->currlines[y][x]:((image)->bytesperpixel==4?((pixel32_t*)(image)->currlines[y])[x]:(image)->bytesperpixel==3?(((pixel16_t *)(image)->currlines[y])[x]+((image)->currlines[y][3*(x)+2]<<16)):(((pixel16_t*)(image)->currlines[y])[x])))
  struct requirements
    int nimages;
    int supportedmask;
    int flags;
  struct filter
    struct filter *next, *previous;
    struct queue *queue;
    CONST struct filteraction *action;
    struct image *image, *childimage;
    struct requirements req;
    struct fractal_context *fractalc;
    void *data;
    CONST char *name;
    int flags;
    int imageversion;         /*For detection whether image changed or not */
    void (*wait_function) (struct filter * f);
    /*stuff for wait_function */
    int pos, max, incalculation, readyforinterrupt, interrupt;
    CONST char *pass;
  struct initdata
    void (*wait_function) (struct filter * f);
    struct image *image;
    struct fractal_context *fractalc;
    int flags;
  struct filteraction
    CONST char *name;
    CONST char *shortname;
    int flags;
    struct filter *(*getinstance) (CONST struct filteraction * a);
    void (*destroyinstance) (struct filter * f);
    int (*doit) (struct filter * f, int flags, int time);
    int (*requirement) (struct filter * f, struct requirements * r);
    int (*initialize) (struct filter * f, struct initdata * i);
    void (*convertup) (struct filter * f, int *x, int *y);
    void (*convertdown) (struct filter * f, int *x, int *y);
    void (*removefilter) (struct filter * f);
  struct queue
    struct filter *first, *last;
    int isinitialized;
    struct filter *palettechg;
    struct image *saveimage;

#define datalost(f,i) (((i)->flags&DATALOST)||((f)->imageversion&&(f)->imageversion!=(i)->image->version))
/*filter actions */

  extern unsigned int col_diff[3][512];
  struct filter *createfilter (CONST struct filteraction *fa);
  struct queue *create_queue (struct filter *f);
  void insertfilter (struct filter *f1, struct filter *f2);
  void removefilter (struct filter *f);
  void addfilter (struct filter *f1, struct filter *f2);
  int initqueue (struct queue *q);

/*Filter utility functions */
  int reqimage (struct filter *f, struct requirements *req, int supportedmask,
            int flags);
  int inherimage (struct filter *f, struct initdata *data, int flags,
              int width, int height, struct palette *palette,
              float pixelwidth, float pixelheight);
  void destroyinheredimage (struct filter *f);
  void updateinheredimage (struct filter *f);

  void inhermisc (struct filter *f, CONST struct initdata *i);

/*image actions */

  void flipgeneric (struct image *img);
  struct image *create_image_lines (int width, int height,
                            int nimages, pixel_t ** lines1,
                            pixel_t ** lines2,
                            struct palette *palette,
                            void (*flip) (struct image * img),
                            int flags, float pixelwidth,
                            float pixelheight);
  struct image *create_image_cont (int width, int height, int scanlinesize,
                           int nimages, pixel_t * buf1,
                           pixel_t * buf2, struct palette *palette,
                           void (*flip) (struct image * img),
                           int flags, float pixelwidth,
                           float pixelheight);
  struct image *create_image_mem (int width, int height, int nimages,
                          struct palette *palette, float pixelwidth,
                          float pixelheight);
  struct image *create_subimage (struct image *simg, int width, int height,
                         int nimages, struct palette *palette,
                         float pixelwidth, float pixelheight);

  void destroy_image (struct image *img);
  void clear_image (struct image *img);

/*palette */

  int bytesperpixel (int type) CONSTF;
  void bestfit_init (void);
  struct palette *createpalette (int start, int end, int type, int flags,
                         int maxentries,
                         int (*alloccolor) (struct palette * pal,
                                        int init, int r, int g,
                                        int b),
                         void (*setcolor) (struct palette * pal,
                                       int start, int end,
                                       rgb_t * rgb),
                         void (*allocfinished) (struct palette * pal),
                         void (*cyclecolors) (struct palette * pal,
                                          int direction),
                         union paletteinfo *info);
  void destroypalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkdefaultpalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkstereogrampalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkstarfieldpalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkblurpalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkgraypalette (struct palette *palette);
  int mkrgb (struct palette *palette);
  int mkpalette (struct palette *palette, int seed, int algorithm);
  int shiftpalette (struct palette *palette, int n);
  void preallocpalette (struct palette *pal);
  struct palette *clonepalette (struct palette *palette);
  void restorepalette (struct palette *dest, struct palette *src);
  void convertupgeneric (struct filter *f, int *x, int *y);
  void convertdowngeneric (struct filter *f, int *x, int *y);
  int fixedalloccolor (struct palette *palette, int init, int r, int g,
                   int b) CONSTF;

#define setfractalpalette(f,p) if((f)->fractalc->palette==(f)->image->palette) (f)->fractalc->palette=(p)

#define TRUECOLOR24CASE(x) case 3:x;break;
#define TRUECOLOR24CASE(x)

#define SUPPORT16
#ifdef SUPPORT16
#define TRUECOLOR16CASE(x) case 2:x;break;
#define TRUECOLOR16CASE(x)

#define drivercall(i,x1,x2,x3,x4) switch((i).bytesperpixel) { \
  case 1:x1;break; \
  case 4:x4; \
#define SBITMAPS
#define SBITMAPS


#ifdef __cplusplus

#include "fractal.h"

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