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#ifndef UI_HELPER_H
#define UI_HELPER_H
#include "timers.h"
#include "xio.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
#define MAXFILTERS 20
#define AVRGSIZE 50
#define NMESSAGES 5
#define BGCOLOR(uih) uih->palette->index[0]
#define FGCOLOR(uih) uih->palette->index[1]
#define SELCOLOR(uih) uih->palette->index[2]
#define DARKGRAYCOLOR(uih) uih->palette->index[3]
#define LIGHTGRAYCOLOR(uih) uih->palette->index[4]
#define LIGHTGRAYCOLOR2(uih) uih->palette->index[5]
#define DRAWBORDER 2
#define BORDER_LIGHT 16

  struct uih_message
    char *message[NMESSAGES];
    tl_timer *messagetimer[NMESSAGES];
    int messagetype[NMESSAGES];
    struct uih_window *w[NMESSAGES];
    int pid[NMESSAGES];
    int messagestart;
  struct uih_line
    int key;
    int morph;
    int color;
    int posmode;
    number_t x1, y1, x2, y2;
    int mposmode;
    number_t mx1, my1, mx2, my2;
    struct uih_line *next, *prev;
    struct uih_window *w;
  struct uih_lines
    struct uih_line *first;
    int morphing;
    int currkey;

  struct uih_savedcontext
    xio_file file;
    int mode;
    number_t speedup, maxstep;
    number_t xcenter, ycenter;
    tl_timer *timer;
    tl_timer *synctimer;
    struct fractal_context *fcontext;
    int clearscreen;
    int fastmode, juliamode, fastrotate, autorotate;
    number_t rotationspeed;
    int firsttime;
    int filter[MAXFILTERS];
    int pressed;
    int rotatepressed;
    int cycling;
    int shifted;
    int manualpaletteshift;
    int direction;
    int cyclingspeed;
    int zoomactive;
    int xtextpos, ytextpos;
    int writefailed;
    int nonfractalscreen;
    int color;
#define MAXLEVEL 10           /*Maximal include level */
  struct uih_playcontext
    xio_file file;
    xio_file prevfiles[MAXLEVEL + 1];
    int level;
    xio_path directory;
    tl_timer *timer;
    int waittime;
    int playframe;
    int timerin;
    int frametime, starttime;
    int morph;
    int morphtimes[2];
    int morphjulia;
    int morphjuliatimes[2];
    int morphangle;
    int morphangletimes[2];
    vinfo destination;
    vinfo source;
    number_t srcangle, destangle;
    number_t sr, si, dr, di;
    int readfailed;
    int line;
    struct uih_lines lines;
    int morphlinetimes[2];
#define SQR(val) (((double)(val))*(val))
#define MORPHVALUE(time,len,starttime,endtime) \
      (time)<0?0.0 \
      :(time)>=(len)?1.0 \
      :(time)<(starttime) && (starttime)?(SQR((time)/(double)(starttime))/2*(starttime)/((len)-(starttime)/2-(endtime)/2))\
      :((len)-(time)<(endtime)) && (endtime)?1-(SQR(((len)-(time))/(double)(endtime))/2*(endtime)/((len)-(starttime)/2-(endtime)/2)) \
#ifdef _NEVER_
#define MORPHVALUE(time,len,starttime,endtime) \
#define DOMORPH(time,len,starttime,endtime,startval,endval) \
      ((startval)+((endval)-(startval))*MORPHVALUE(time,len, starttime,endtime))

#define UNDOLEVEL 256
  struct uih_undocontext
    int last;
    char *undos[256];
  struct uih_context
    void (*updatemenus) (struct uih_context *, CONST char *);
    /*stuff that should be visible from outside */
    number_t speedup, maxstep;      /*zooming speed */

    /* Informations provided to the user interface: */
    CONST char *menuroot;
    int display;        /*1 when ui wants to display something */
    int save;                 /*1 if save animation is enabled */
    int play;                 /*1 if animation replay is active */
    int cycling;        /*1 if cycling is enabled */
    int incalculation;        /*1 if calulcation is currently in process */
    int flags;
    int interrupt;            /*set to interrupt current calculation */

    /*server's callbacks */
    int (*passfunc) (struct uih_context *, int, CONST char *, float);
    void (*longwait) (struct uih_context *);

    struct uih_undocontext undo;
    /*Filter system state */
    struct image *image;
    struct palette *palette;
    struct fractal_context *fcontext;     /*fractal informations */
    struct queue *queue;
    struct filter *uifilter;  /*user interface layer */
    struct filter *rotatef;   /* Special filters handler by ui_helper: */
    struct filter *zengine;
    struct filter *fixedcolor;
    /*Julia/filter mechanizm */
    struct filter *subwindow, *julia, *smalliter;
    struct filter *filter[MAXFILTERS];

    /*General status variables */
    double mul;               /*speed of last iteration */
    int rotatemode;           /*ROTATE_NONE, ROTATE_CONTINUOUS or ROTATE_NONE */
    number_t rotationspeed;   /*speed of continuous rotation */
    int fastmode;       /*when draw in fast mode */
    int juliamode;
    int fastrotate;
    int uncomplette;          /*1 if image is not complettly caluclated or in animation */
    int dirty;                /*1 if image is inexact */
    int inanimation;          /*1 if uih_update wants to be called soon */
    int fastanimation;        /*1 if animation needs to be fast */
    int palettetype, paletteseed;   /*0 for default palette,1,2 for random */
    int clearscreen;          /*1 when ui want to clear screen */
    int indofractal;          /*1 when caluclation is in the process */
    int xtextpos, ytextpos;   /*possitioning of text */
    int color;                /*Color of text */
    int recalculatemode;      /*informations for user interface */
    int stoppedtimers;        /*1 when timers are stopped */
    int nletters;       /*Number of letters displayed at screen */
    int letterspersec;        /*Number of letters per second user should read */
    char *text[3];            /*Currently displayed text informations: */
    struct uih_window *textwindow[3], *cscreenwindow;
    int textpos[3], textcolor[3];
    CONST char *errstring;    /*String of last unprocessed error */

    CONST struct xfont *font; /*Font used by UI */
    struct uih_window *wtop;
    int wflipped;
    int wdisplayed;

    /*Save variables */
    int todisplayletters;
    struct uih_savedcontext *savec;
    int viewchanged;          /*When to generate setview commands */
    int palettechanged;       /*When to generate setpalette commands */
    int displaytext;          /*When text was displayed in this frame */
    int nonfractalscreen;
    /*waiting variables */
    void (*complettehandler) (void *);    /*Handler to be activated when calculation is complette */
    void *handlerdata;
    /*replay variables */
    struct uih_playcontext *playc;
    int playpos;
    CONST char *playstring;

    /*For constant framerate */
    struct timeemulator *emulator;
    int emulatedframetime;
    int aliasnum;
    int fixedstep;

    /*zoom/unzoom */
    number_t speed, step;
    number_t xcenter, ycenter;
    int xcenterm, ycenterm;
    int zoomactive;

    /*drag&drop move */
    int pressed;
    number_t oldx, oldy;
    int moved;

    /*drag&drop rotate */
    int rotatepressed;
    number_t oldangle;

    int ddatalost;
    int tbreak;

    int autopilot;            /*for uih side of autopilot */
    int autopilotx, autopiloty, autopilotbuttons;

    /*calculation time variables */
    int interruptiblemode;
    int starttime, endtime;
    int maxtime;

    /*dynamical timeout measuring */
    int times[2][AVRGSIZE];   /*for statistics */
    int timespos, count[2];
    double lastspeed, lasttime;

    /*number_t xsize, ysize; */
    tl_timer *maintimer, *cyclingtimer, *autopilottimer, *calculatetimer,
    tl_group *autopilotgroup;

    /*color cycling values */
    int direction;
    int cyclingdirection;
    int stopped;
    int cyclingspeed;

    /*autopilot internal values */
    int x1, y1, c1;
    number_t minsize;
    number_t maxsize;
    int autopilotversion;
    int autime;
    int minlong;
    int interlevel;

    /*saved palettes */
    struct palette *palette2;

    int paletteshift;
    int manualpaletteshift;

    struct uih_message messg;

    /*Used by uih_update to figure out when save undo */
    int lastbuttons;

    int encoding;

  typedef void (*uih_getposfunc) (struct uih_context * c, int *x, int *y,
                          int *width, int *height, void *data);
  typedef void (*uih_drawfunc) (struct uih_context * c, void *data);
  struct uih_window
    int x, y, width, height;
    uih_getposfunc getpos;
    uih_drawfunc draw;
    struct uih_window *next;
    struct uih_window *previous;
    int savedline, savedpos;
    char *saveddata;
    void *data;
    int flags;
  typedef struct uih_context uih_context;

#define UIH_SAVEALL 2
#define UIH_SAVEPOS 0

#define UIH_NEW_IMAGE 2
#define FRAMETIME (1000000/FRAMERATE)

#define UIH_TEXTTOP 0

#define UIH_TEXTLEFT 0

#define FULLSCREEN 2
#define ASYNC_PALETTE 32
#define SCREENSIZE 256
#define PIXELSIZE 512
#define RESOLUTION 1024

#define BUTTON1 256
#define BUTTON2 512
#define BUTTON3 1024

#define ROTATE_NONE 0
#define ROTATE_MOUSE 1

#define uih_needrecalculate(context) ((context)->recalculatemode)
#define uih_needdisplay(context) ((context)->display)
#define GETMAX(a,b) ((a)>(b)?(a):(b))
#define uih_newimage(c) ((c)->display=1,((c)->recalculatemode=GETMAX((c)->recalculatemode,UIH_NEW_IMAGE)))
#define uih_animate_image(c) ((c)->display=1,(c)->recalculatemode=GETMAX((c)->recalculatemode,UIH_ANIMATION))

#define uih_updatemenus(uih,c) if(uih->updatemenus!=NULL) uih->updatemenus(uih,c);

  extern CONST struct filteraction *CONST uih_filters[MAXFILTERS];
  extern CONST int uih_nfilters;

  struct uih_context *uih_mkcontext (int flags, struct image *image,
                             int (*passfunc) (struct uih_context *,
                                          int, CONST char *,
                             void (*longwait) (struct uih_context *),
                             void (*updatemenus) (struct uih_context *
                                            c, CONST char *));
  int uih_updateimage (uih_context * c, struct image *img);
  void uih_freecontext (uih_context * c);

  void uih_callcomplette (uih_context * c);
/*palette functions */
  void uih_mkdefaultpalette (uih_context * c);
  void uih_mkpalette (uih_context * c);
  void uih_savepalette (uih_context * c);
  void uih_restorepalette (uih_context * c);

/*autopilot handling */
  void uih_autopilot_on (uih_context * c);
  void uih_autopilot_off (uih_context * c);

/*misc functions */
  int uih_update (uih_context * c, int mousex, int mousey, int mousebuttons);
  CONST char *uih_save (struct uih_context *c, xio_constpath filename);
  void uih_tbreak (uih_context * c);
  double uih_displayed (uih_context * c);
  void uih_do_fractal (uih_context * c);
  void uih_prepare_image (uih_context * c);
  void uih_interrupt (uih_context * c);
  void uih_stopzooming (uih_context * c);
  void uih_setspeedup (uih_context * c, number_t speed);
  void uih_setmaxstep (uih_context * c, number_t speed);
  void uih_setcomplettehandler (uih_context * c, void (h) (void *), void *d);
  void uih_recalculate (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_initstate (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_screentofractalcoord (uih_context * c, int mousex, int mousey,
                         number_t * re, number_t * im);

/*cycling functions */
  void uih_cycling_off (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_cycling_stop (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_cycling_continue (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_setcycling (struct uih_context *c, int speed);
  int uih_cycling_on (struct uih_context *c);
  int uih_cycling (struct uih_context *c, int mode);

/*fractal context manipulation routines */
  void uih_setformula (uih_context * c, int formula);
  void uih_setperbutation (uih_context * c, number_t re, number_t im);
  void uih_perbutation (uih_context * c, int mousex, int mousey);
  void uih_setmaxiter (uih_context * c, int maxiter);
  void uih_setbailout (uih_context * c, number_t bailout);
  void uih_setincoloringmode (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setoutcoloringmode (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setintcolor (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setouttcolor (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setplane (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setmandelbrot (uih_context * c, int mode, int mousex, int mousey);
  void uih_setfastmode (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setguessing (uih_context * c, int range);
  void uih_setperiodicity (uih_context * c, int periodicity);
  void uih_display (uih_context * c);
  void uih_disablejulia (uih_context * c);
  int uih_enablejulia (uih_context * c);
  int uih_setjuliamode (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_setjuliaseed (uih_context * c, number_t zre, number_t zim);

/*filter manipulation */
  int uih_enablefilter (uih_context * c, int n);
  void uih_disablefilter (uih_context * c, int n);

/*Animation save routines */
  int uih_save_enable (struct uih_context *uih, xio_file f, int mode);
  void uih_save_disable (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_saveframe (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_save_possition (struct uih_context *uih, xio_file f, int mode);

  void uih_load (struct uih_context *uih, xio_file f, xio_constpath name);
  void uih_loadstr (struct uih_context *uih, CONST char *data);
  void uih_playstr (struct uih_context *uih, CONST char *data);
  void uih_playupdate (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_replaydisable (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_skipframe (struct uih_context *uih);
  int uih_replayenable (struct uih_context *uih, xio_file f,
                  xio_constpath filename, int animroot);
  void uih_command (struct uih_context *uih, CONST char *command);
  void uih_playtutorial (struct uih_context *c, CONST char *name);

/* Easy to use functions for handling save/load*/
  void uih_loadfile (struct uih_context *uih, xio_constpath d);
  void uih_playfile (struct uih_context *c, xio_constpath d);
  void uih_loadexample (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_savepngfile (struct uih_context *c, xio_constpath d);
  void uih_saveposfile (struct uih_context *c, xio_constpath d);
  char *uih_savepostostr (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_savecfg (struct uih_context *c);
  void uih_saveanimfile (struct uih_context *c, xio_constpath d);
  void uih_update_lines (uih_context * c);

/*timer functions */
  void uih_stoptimers (uih_context * c);
  void uih_resumetimers (uih_context * c);
  void uih_slowdowntimers (uih_context * c, int time);

/*text output functions */
  void uih_clearscreen (uih_context * c);
  void uih_settextpos (uih_context * c, int x, int y);
  void uih_text (uih_context * c, CONST char *text);
  void uih_letterspersec (uih_context * c, int n);

/*image rotation functions */
  int uih_fastrotate (uih_context * c, int mode);
  int uih_fastrotateenable (uih_context * c);
  void uih_fastrotatedisable (uih_context * c);
  void uih_angle (uih_context * c, number_t angle);
  void uih_rotatemode (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_rotate (uih_context * c, int mode);
  void uih_rotationspeed (uih_context * c, number_t speed);

/*Catalog functions */
  int uih_loadcatalog (uih_context * c, CONST char *name);
  void uih_freecatalog (uih_context * c);

  void uih_registermenus (void);
  void uih_registermenus_i18n (void);
  void uih_registermenudialogs_i18n (void);
  void uih_unregistermenus (void);

/*Windows :)*/
  struct uih_window *uih_registerw (struct uih_context *uih,
                            uih_getposfunc getpos, uih_drawfunc draw,
                            void *data, int flags);
  void uih_removew (struct uih_context *uih, struct uih_window *w);
  void uih_clearwindows (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_drawwindows (struct uih_context *uih);
  void uih_drawborder (struct uih_context *uih, int x, int y, int width,
                   int height, int flags);
  void uih_setline (struct uih_context *uih, struct uih_window *w, int color,
                int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
  struct uih_window *uih_registerline (struct uih_context *uih, int color,
                               int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);

  void uih_scrollup (uih_context * c);
  void uih_clearmessages (uih_context * c);
  int uih_message (uih_context * c, CONST char *message);
  int uih_error (uih_context * c, CONST char *error);
  void uih_rmmessage (uih_context * c, int pid);
  void uih_printmessages (uih_context * c);

/*Constant framerate functions*/
  void uih_emulatetimers (uih_context * c);
  void uih_constantframetime (uih_context * c, int time);
  void uih_noconstantframetime (uih_context * c);

/*undo and redo*/
  void uih_saveundo (uih_context * c);
  void uih_undo (uih_context * c);
  void uih_redo (uih_context * c);

  void uih_setfont (uih_context * c);

/*animation rendering*/
  int uih_renderanimation (struct uih_context *gc, CONST char *basename,
                     CONST xio_constpath animation, int width,
                     int height, float pixelwidth, float pixelheight,
                     int frametime, int type, int antialiasing,
                     int slowmode, int letterspersec,
                     CONST char *catalog, int motionvectors,
                     int iframedist2);
  int uih_renderimage (struct uih_context *gc1, xio_file af,
                   xio_constpath path, struct image *img, int antialias,
                   CONST char *catalog, int noise);

  void uih_initmessages (uih_context * c);
  void uih_destroymessages (uih_context * c);
  void uih_inittext (uih_context * c);
  void uih_destroytext (uih_context * c);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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